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. Wire Guide Awning  

​​Wire Guide Awnings are an exterior vertical blind sun protection system with a modern slim-line look. 
These awnings are supplied with Stainless Steel fittings to further enhance the appearance of this wire guided awning.
Wire Guide Awnings are supplied with a weighted aluminum oval bottom bar which may be stopped at any position as it is guided & held on each side by stainless steel cables.

Wire Guide Awnings are manual control with crank operated gear box.

Two type of Wire Guide Awnings are available :

Full Cassette Wire Guide Awnings

Full cassette Wire Guide Awning  is a stylish, compact straight drop awning, designed for more demanding residential & commercial applications.

The compact design of the hood makes it ideal for exposed top fix & face fix mounted installations.

The fabric is fully concealed when retracted inside a powder coated aluminium head box.

Open Wire Guide Awnings
Open Wire Guide Awning is without hood and the fabric roller is fully exposed.
It is a cost effective, high quality sun shade solution where the mechanism & fabric bundle are not enclosed. This awning is suitable for installation under a roof eave or similar, where it is not necessary to give the fabric further protection.

Open Wire Guide Awnings is manually raised & lowered through a gear box to wind the fabric onto a top tube.
The fabric may be stopped at any point & is held at any position by the stainless steel cables.
The fully lowered the awning should stay in position as it is supported on each side by stainless steel guide cables & the weighted bottom bar.

Additional bottom strap runners & straps may be used, for manually operated awnings only, to further secure the awning at its bottom position.

Fabrics :

- Para acrylic fabrics available in 11 standard colors

​- Polyester/PVC Sunscreen fabrics​​