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Silver Blinds  guarantee the quality on all our custom made products to be free from defects and/or failure : 
  • 3 years for blinds
  • 4 years for Plantation shutters
  • 1 year for Fly screen
from the date of purchase as per our terms and conditions.

​If you are the original purchaser and a significant structural or cosmetic defect appears in your blinds within warranty period of purchase we'll replace the defective part at our cost.

​We guarantee that all products Supplied , Delivered & Installed by Silver Blinds.

Warranty is not transferable. We will warrant our products to the original owner only as long as the original owner own the blinds in a residential application.

Our warranties do not cover :

1. Claims by anyone but the original purchaser of the product.

2. Claims on products that were not paid as per related quote.

3. Products that have not been installed by a Silver Blinds Qualified Technician.

4. Products that have not been removed and re-installed by Silver Blinds Qualified Technician.

5. Wear and tear consistent with the age, type and use of the product.

6. Products exceeding our recommended dimensions.

7. Costs of transporting product back to / from our premises (if required).

8. Damage from misuse, neglect, accident, unintended use, fire, explosions, implosion and or any act of nature.

​9. Damage from salt spray or marine influences, severe industrial or corrosive environments.

10. Normal shrinkage, fungal or algae growth due to a build-up of dirt, grime, leaves or bird matter, damage due       to scrubbing or the use of a non-prescribed cleaning agent and contact with lead, copper or water runoff               from same.

11. Conditions or damage caused by storm, tempest, earthquake, lightning, fire, explosion, implosion, failure or          movement of supporting structures, falling objects or other mechanical impact of other outside causes.

​12. Damage caused by rolling up blinds and awnings when wet.

​Some components such as chains , cords , cord locks , plastic cleats ,  ...  suffer wear and tear in the normal course of operation or through excessive use. Such items carry a one year warranty only.

Over-sized blinds, as in normal circumstances they may not hang flat, may pucker along the bottom rail or a 'V formation' may occur, and a horizontal join may also be visible at the top section of the blind.

Motor warranty :

Silver Blinds will therefore pass on the manufacturers specific warranty related to the relevant motor supplied for each product.