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Silver Blinds-Roller Blinds

. Roller Blinds​

Roller blinds are affordable, easy to operate , solid thermal performer and  suitable for most windows.
Roller Blinds are available in a wide range of operating systems including manual chain operation, one touch, dual, linked, motorized and cassette.

Fabrics :

We come to you with our wide range of Plain and Pattern fabrics  in Block-out , Light filtering and Sunscreen types.

Block-out :              
With block -out fabrics no light will come through . This is perfect if you want to keep the maximum amount of light & heat out .
By back side coated polyester fabrics we can improve heat control and reduce heat loss better.

Light filtering ( Translucent ) :   
Light filtering  fabric will give the privacy of a block-out blind without the loss of light so it is perfect for living areas where you want privacy but don’t need total darkness​​.

Sunscreen :            
Sunscreen fabrics are used when you want to shield the room from the sun but still retain views to the outside. They are made with various degrees of openness (3% 5% and 10%) which translates to the size of the holes in the fabric and the amount of light that can pass through.