. Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are a beautiful , practical & low maintenance window covering.
They offer classic styling with significant benefits over other window coverings.​
​Beyond letting in a cool breeze on a summer’s night, our Plantation Shutters  provide
an affordable solution to adding real character and value to your property.

Material :

Timber Shutters :           Our Basswood Plantation Shutters have a great hardwood finish with a pale tone and low grain factor  making it a well suit material for painting and staining. 
Timber Shutter works great in bedrooms and living areas.  

PVC Shutters :                Our PVC Plantation Shutters are ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens .They are water  resistant and require just a wipe with a wet cloth for cleaning.​​

Blade size :                       63mm - 89mm - 114mm

Mounting method :       Hinged Type 
                                              Double Hinged Type

Frame :                              L  Frame                         ( Recess mounting )
                                             Z  Frame                         ( Recess mounting )
                                             Crown Z Frame           ( Recess  mounting )
                                             L  Face Frame               ( Face-fit mounting )

Opening Control :         Clear view tilt rod        ( In back and side of panel ) 
                                            Center tilt rod               ( In front and center of panel )

Color : 

Our friendly team at Silver Blinds is with you during each stage of the process, from initial contact to post-installation. 

Plantation Shutters


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Plantation Shutters

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Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters