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Plantation shutters are a beautiful, practical and low maintenance window covering. Great for light and privacy control, our plantation shutters provide a low cost solution to adding real character and value to your property.

Material :

​​​​​Basswood                (100% premium hardwood with UV resistant)
Woodlore                 (Premium eco-friendly engineered wood composite)
Woodlore  Plus        (Louvres made with high grade recyclable ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)) Brightwood              (100% hardwood panels using premium quality timbers)   

Blade size :                  Basswood :    63mm - 89mm - 114mm

                                          Woodlore,Woodlore Plus & Bright wood :   47mm - 63mm - 76mm - 89mm - 114mm                                                PVC :  89mm

Frame :                           L  Frame                         ( Recess mounting )
                                          Z  Frame                         ( Recess mounting )
                                          L  Face Frame               ( Face-fit mounting )

Opening Control :       Hidden
                                          Clear view tilt rod        ( In back and side of panel ) 
                                          Center tilt rod               ( In front and center of panel )

Maintenance information for plantation shutters
Our friendly team at Silver Blinds are with you during every stage of the process, from initial contact to post-installation. As one of the leading suppliers in Melbourne, we provide plantation shutters at the best prices. Discover how to maintain your plantation shutters.

​Plantation cleaning Instructions

The Plantation Shutters must be cleaned periodically with water and MILD soap ONLY.

After cleaning immediately dry off any water or moisture with a soft cloth.

DO NOT use any hard chemicals or abrasives as this will damage the finish of the shutters.

DO NOT use any ammonia based cleaners as this will damage the finish of the plantation shutters.

​When dusting, you may use a soft cloth or feather duster.

​Plantation Shutters operating instructions

​Opening  & Closing blades :

When opening & closing blades apply two hands to separate blades.
Place one hand on an upper blade and place the other hand on a lower blade and then gently turn the blades open or shut. DO NOT force the blades.

​Opening Shutters Panels :

DO NOT slam shutter panel open or shut.
Care must be taken when opening shutter panels.

Hinged Shutters panels :

Place one hand on the bottom rail close to the edge of the shutter, the other hand in a similar position as high up the shutter panel as possible and gently open the shutter panel. Ensure that the outer shutter panel is opened first.

Opening Sliding Shutters Panels :
Ensure that the shutter louvre blades are closed before attempting to open the sliding shutter.
Gently slide the shutter panel open or shut. Ensure the sliding shutter panel is sitting securely on the bottom guide.

Bi Folding Shutters :
Panels should be closed from the pivoting outer panel. Bi-fold shutters have many different configurations including the number of panels and the direction in which they fold. In all cases it is necessary to start with pivoting panel (s) first. Once the shutters are in the fully closed position it is possible to open the blades. For opening (or stacking) the shutters it is necessary to close the blades first. Then the reverse applies.

Security : 
DO NOT leave windows open during periods of windy or wet weather conditions as winds may blow the shutter panels open, which may cause damage to the shutter panel.

If the shutters are fitted outdoors then shutters should be secured so that they do not get slammed open or closed during windy periods.
Children should be supervised during the operation of shutters.