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. Automatic Awning

Automatic Awning is a stylish ground floor and balcony awning system suitable for sliding or partially opening hinged window applications where access round the house maybe limited. The arms of the awning extend a minimal & constant distance away from the wall, allowing access to any side paths around the the building.

​Automatic Awning comes standard with a stylish, powder coated painted steel hood which provides additional protection for the fabric when the awning is retracted.

In Automatic Awning  the guide arms are attached to the ends of the front bar.

​This style of awning is spring loaded manual operation by using a boat hook.

​The spring loaded arms provide greater stability in light wind conditions when the awning is lowered and help increase fabric life when manually adjusted. The spring loaded bottom bar arms can be locked on the guide rods in any position.

Acrylic block out fabric is generally used in this style of awning to provide maximum protection from the sun’s rays. Alternatively, a sunscreen mesh fabric may be used to give day time privacy with filtered shade protection, while still allowing natural light and fresh air to filter & circulate.

Fabrics :

- Para acrylic fabrics available in 11 standard colors

​- Polyester/PVC Sunscreen fabrics